Through editions of presentation in 2022, towards a a techno-fantasia guided theater of revival for 2023 and beyond

Dec.20 -

HAGAY DREAMING (LKL first draft)

C-LAB Art Sapce II 1F Phytopia workstation, Future Vision Lab
Taipei, Taiwan

Jun.24 - Jun.26

HAGAY DREAMING (Dowmung edition)

Dowmung Tribe Ceremony Space
Hualien, Taiwan

18:00 Sep.09 - 18:00 Sep.11


Maindeck Stadtwerkstatt
Linz, Austria

Nov.5, 2022 - Mar.5, 2023

HAGAY DREAMING (Research Project)

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung, Taiwan

Cross bounary creation
Cross boundry dialogue

Dondon Hounwn’s script combines praying, traditional instrument playing, and ancient chanting in his script development, also performs the female self in portraying non-binary Hagay. Based on the script, Shu Lea Cheang eleborates on technological visual impact for the stage version.

From 2020 to 2022, the collaboration is joined by the Paiwan writer Ibau who writes elegant proses and lyrics about the burden of tradition; experimental film artist Tzu-An Wu works with digital-analogue filmic imageries, creating phantasmal forest walks and dreaming sequences;

laser artist aka_chang who displays totem with laser light, showing the ancestral spirits’ eyes, transmitting the tribes’ humanity, environment, and landscape. Vocal artist Shan Shan Chen of the Amis Tribe whose enchanting voices resonate with the calling from the spiritual world; music producer Sayun Chang mixes contemporary classical music, indigenous rhythms, improvisatory performances to enrich Truku traditional folk songs. The Say-siyat tribe dancer Shih-Min Szu leads 5 tribal youngsters in choreographing hagay’s encounter with the hunter and the forest dreaming sequences. Shih-Min further interprets the masculinity of Hagay with a solo dance.

A Elug Art Corner theatre work.
Produced by Dimension Plus
Funded by National Culture and Arts Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Producer: Ping Yi Chen
Project initiation and direction: Shu Lea Cheang
Artistic direction/ Direction/ Script: Dondon Hounwn
Choreographer and dancer: Shih-Min Szu
Vocal: Shan Shan Chen
Writer: Ibau
Laser: aka_chang
Experimental film: Tzuan Wu

Music producer: Sayun Chang Audio engineer: Shih Wei Liu Cellist: Jiro Yeh Violinist: Yu Hao Chang
Dancers: Apu’u Yakumangana, Tumun Buru, Umaw Nguzyok, Marang Kuwah, Pilaw Uraw
Costume: Big Book studio
Documentary film: Rngrang Hungul, Thalaelethe Titibu
Web designer: Kelvin Hoi